We Make Salads Enjoyable!
We Make Salads Enjoyable!

Recipe Tips

#1  When using the prepackaged cole slaw mix, try drizzling Bobsamic over mix right before serving!

It's Delicious!

Recipe Tips

Try using Bobsamic as a marinade. Use Chicken, Shrimp, or Steak and marinade atleast two hours before cooking or overnight in the Refrigerator.

Welcome to the home of Bobsamic Dressing!

We are dedicated to carrying high quality, unique items in the Southwestern Pennsylvania area. We try to choose all natural  ingredients to bring you the best product possible.

bottle of bobsamic dressing A Bottle of Bobsamic Dressing

If you have any questiong please send email or give us a call!  Our web store Grand Opening is now open for business, please click on STORE to place an order using PayPay or any major credit card.

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