We Make Salads Enjoyable!
We Make Salads Enjoyable!

About Us

The recipe for this balsamic dressing was formulated over the course of 30 years in a small kitchen of southwestern Pennsylvania. It was originally developed to entice my two growing boys to eat more salad. Previous attempts were futile because they just didn’t like any of the pre-bottled dressings. I then took it upon myself to find a dressing that was satisfying not only to their taste, but to the tastes of others also. After combining numerous ingredients in various proportions a new balsamic dressing emerged.


However, it wasn’t until 2006 that the public got the opportunity to taste my delicious, new concoction. A friend of mine with years of food service experience opened a small restaurant called “Nancy’s Tea Room” and started serving my dressing exclusively. It quickly became a house favorite.


The unique taste, texture, and color is said to “make salads enjoyable” or “like heaven in your mouth." Not only is it a great dressing, but it can also be used as a flavorful marinade for meats and vegetables, or a tasty dipping sauce for bread.


Hence in 2011, a partnership between Nancy and I was formed and Bobsamic LLC was born. Production of “Nancy Bee’s Specialties” Bobsamic Salad Dressing became a reality in 2014.


We at Nancy Bee’s feel that you owe it to yourself to try this unique, great tasting dressing for yourself.


Bob(samic) Shaw 


Nancy Koller


We currently produce our salad dressing at Republic Food Enterprises Center. Which is located at 40 Legion Street, Republic, PA 15475.

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